About Us

VEats is the brainchild of two vegan, female leaders with a passion for a more sustainable, nutritious, and ethical way of life. By creating Australia’s first exclusively plant-based food platform, they hope to make plant-based eating easier and more accessible for all.

Our business model is a win-win solution that benefits both customers and food businesses. Customers profit from having a one-stop destination where they can explore local food businesses, book a table, and get online delivery from local eateries that offer plant-based options. Whether you want to order breakfast in bed, book your next date night or discover the best pizza in town – we’ve got you covered.

Restaurants and food businesses can use our platform to connect with hungry customers in their area and unlock new growth, at a lower cost.

Meet Our Team

Lara Young

CEO & Co-Founder

Susan McCarthy

CMO & Co-Founder


Lead Developer


Lead Developer


Customer Success Manager


Customer Success Manager


Customer Success Manager


Customer Service Manager


Graphic Design


Social Media Manager

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