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Betty’s Burgers – Cronulla

Vegan Options American Fast Food

A classic Australian burger shack serving the freshest, most mouth-watering [...]


Vegan Options Australian

LOAF isn’t just another café. Located in the Cronulla mall, LOAF specia [...]

Queen Margherita

Vegan Options Italian

Creators of authentic wood-fired Neapolitan pizzas, ​Queen Margherita of [...]

Montien Thai

Vegan Options Thai

Montien Thai has firmly established itself as a local favourite, dishing up [...]

Bok Bok

Vegan Options Thai

Bok Bok is the sound made when preparing pastes and grinding herbs and spi [...]

Yalla Sawa

Vegan Options Middle Eastern

As a small family-owned business, the team at Yalla Sawa have a background [...]

Royal Orchard Thai

Vegan Options Thai

Situated in the heart of Cronulla, Royal Orchard Thai is a restaurant famil [...]

Bangkok Bites – Cronulla

Vegan Options Thai

Bangkok Bites bring the essence of Bangkok’s street food to Sydney. [...]

Little Italy

Vegan Options Italian

Little Italy Cronulla is an independently run business that has been establ [...]

Albi’s Taverna

Vegan Options Italian

Albi’s Taverna serve locally famous food, in their Cronulla beachside [...]

Johnny Hu Chinese

Vegan Options Chinese

Johnny Hu Chinese is brought to you by the team behind Alphabet St. ItR [...]

Cocky Locky

Vegan Options American

Cocky Locky embraces flavour and a menu fit for all taste buds. Their menu [...]

Okami – Cronulla

Vegan Options Japanese

Okami is a great place to eat, combining a cozy atmosphere with fresh-made [...]

Blackwood Pantry

Vegan Options Australian

Good times and casual dining with a twist go hand-in-hand at the new eat-in [...]

Guzman y Gomez – Cronulla

Vegan Options Fast Food Mexican

Guzman y Gomez have a passion for creating delicious food out of real ingre [...]

Sushi Train – Cronulla

Vegan Options Asian Fast Food Japanese

Sushi Train is a chain of restaurants which brings the passion of Japanese [...]

Zambrero – Cronulla

Vegan Options Fast Food Mexican

Zambrero is a Mexican restaurant, serving Mexican food differently! Their m [...]

Beach Burrito Co. – Cronulla

Vegan Options Australian Mexican

Beach Burrito is a family run business that has grown to 10 unique venues [...]

Milky Lane – Cronulla

Vegan Options American Burgers Fast Food Western

Juicy burgers and over-the-top desserts meet amazing cocktails in a one-of- [...]